Thursday, December 9, 2021



How do you do?

Consequent upon the cataclysmic spate of Covid-19 which was marked by a trail of newfangled diseases like dengue, delta, omega and so forth, the reconstruction work was set in motion at a blistering pace. But, scrutinizing the seedbed of this infamous episode of contemporary history, one can undeniably conceive that man’s reckless, rapacious and injudicious exploitation and misappropriation of the natural resources have begot or engendered an insuperable chasm, a formidable imbalance and an impregnable asymmetry in the natural environment. Furthermore, this debacle or apocalypse is also symptomatic of the hopeless moral degradation of man, which will infallibly spell out the ultimate retribution of the perpetrators of this heinous, imprudent and inexpiable crime.

The unwarrantable transgression of social, cultural and natural boundaries by man led by his insatiable ambition augurs a bleak, precarious and a tenebrific prospect for the future generation. Unfortunately, no one is prepared to shoulder the onus of burden for it, rather, one takes immense delight in shifting the blame to each other – a supreme case of dereliction and digression from the righteous path. It is evident that we are not devoid of any temerity in having developed an incorrigibly mean, niggardly and parochial motive for every worthwhile aspect of life.

There is no gainsaying the fact that we’ve gone too far in having devised the most sophisticated technologies and innovations like lie detectors, artificial intelligence, to count a few, but it is also irrefutable that we have relapsed into relegating our cultural majesty to a deplorable nadir. Hence, there is urgency for a determined and unflagging action to ameliorate the situation and subdue the widespread calamities let loose by the hydra-headed monster of Corona. The UNO scientists and other world organizations have been making strenuous and assiduous efforts to eradicate the problem and assuage the misery. What is essential here is not just realizing the amplitude of the problem but resorting to concrete steps to extirpate it. Things will become consistent when everybody in the entire world starts playing their role in their own way to defend and protect the sanctity and inviolability of the natural environment.

“History teaches us that man learns nothing from history.” Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

 The epic Mahabharata war wrought untold havoc and destruction. But, fortuitously, the damage was recompensed, and subsequently, a stable and enduring state was carved out by the staunch and steadfast will of Yudhisthira. Notwithstanding it, what lessons have we derived from this gallant saga of defeat, capitulation and, thereafter, final revival and resuscitation of the tottering state under the Pandavas? The answer is certainly equivocal and ambiguous. The need of the hour is for everyone to awaken to the realization that it is everyone’s solemn and sacrosanct obligation to extend their bit of contribution and cooperation magnanimously in reconstructing a safer and better world for all. This will bring about innumerable benefits to the whole humanity marked by remarkable social transformation, intellectual development and an assured future for the coming generations.

So, let’s not wait for any auspicious moment, let’s begin now – slowly but steadily, choosing the sound and ethical path so that we can say with pride and elation, ‘Yes, we have made a difference, and our heads stand high.’ The desires and aspirations to live will certainly be enkindled, a new significance of life will start burgeoning, and our dampened spirits will spruce up. So, let’s act upon Guy Finley’s exhortatory appeal, “Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over.”



(Dr. H S Vashistha)


DPS Bulandshahr





Thursday, October 21, 2021


The Future of School Education

Welcome to DPS Bulandshahr!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” The foregoing quote from Nelson Mandela abundantly illustrates and entails the necessity of an upright learning and a virtuous education in one’s life. However, one must exercise requisite caution, sagacity and circumspection in one’s perception of the true connotation of ethical accomplishments as aptly observed by the renowned scholar Arvind Sharma in the following words: “Although moral truths are eternal, their actual application is subject to temporal modification.”

If we look back on the past, we can’t just shut our eyes to the fact that the Mughal and the British onslaughts on and subjugation of India brazenly shook the foundations of its society, religion and, preeminently, its cultural and ethical ethos. Now, the vital question is whether we have been bequeathed a perfectly legitimate legacy of education. The answer is a definitive ‘no’. Today’s education system is oriented merely to promote job prospects undermining the culture and correct philosophy of life.

The need of the hour, therefore, is to revamp it in such a scientific way as cultivates not only moral values but also prepares the future generation to meet the difficulties boldly and chivalrously. We need to reclaim and purge the education system of the maladies and malaises that have long beset and plagued it. One of the plausible antidotes to these aberrations pervading the system is to redesign the curriculum that encompasses experiential learning in particular and that pays heed to alleviating and edifying the culture and conduct but that does not connive at the inclusion of tools and technology in its application.

Furthermore, our educational curriculum should also proclaim yoga training quite indispensable to it, as it is indubitably a potent force in training and inculcating in everyone essential moral values and bringing about purification of the soul to meet the ultimate ends of eternal and ethereal life. These fundamental learnings must be ingrained into the child right from the inception with proper training and practical learning accompanied by a certain degree of discipline.

Another efficient approach to ameliorating the education system is the introduction of the focus on the reading of the old books that embody ethical values, which will greatly assist the students in absorbing, emulating and assimilating the great values of life. If they are made to understand the very purpose of their advent in the cosmos, it will go a long way in paving a resolute way of the formation of an unflinching, immaculate and impeccable character in them.


At the same time, it should also be pellucidly brought home to them that keeping good company yields salutary and beneficent dividends whereas intermingling with slovenly, slipshod and unvirtuous souls is sure to culminate in degeneration and degradation of their morality, which may sooner or later reach the pernicious point of no return.

What may come in very handy, not by providence or serendipity but by certitude is the moral education which helps in building in them a positive approach to things, self-confidence and motivation. It helps in finding out the true purpose of life. These values help them to be dedicated, unselfish, loving and caring for others. Teachers and parents have a key role to play in it.

Another significant component of an integral education is the full-fledged cultivation of their mother tongue which is pivotal in framing the thinking and emotions of the students. It associates them to their culture, ensures enhanced cognitive development and supports in the learning of other languages.

Furthermore, it is required to recognize their special talent in the particular sphere and assign them that very task to complete, as we should not forget the fact that everyone of us has been sent in this mundane world with a definite assignment to complete. And if one is afforded a suitable opportunity to render the job one is appointed to, one can happily pronounce: “Mission Acoomplished!”

So, “Make your life a mission – not an intermission.” – Arnold H. Glasgow


Best Regards

(Dr. H S Vashistha)


DPS Bulandshahr






Thursday, August 19, 2021


Principal’s Contemplation

How do you do?

I dread to think what will become of the ongoing fashion of education which betrays a somewhat deficient liaison between the educators and the taught. Covid-19 which can pertinently be christened, ‘Social and Political Corona’ has inevitably impinged upon our talented youngsters’ educational requisites. Hence, the moot question is how to get deliverance from the malignancy of this cruel tyrant of an aptly designated ‘Anti-social Corona’. What is most significantly discernible here is that this genre of corona will leave behind more baneful and pernicious consequences for the future of mankind than the existing genus of the same.

I envision no sure-enough remedy for this flash point anywhere in sight except to build up as infallible an immunity as possible against it. But, there are people who find this suggestion of consuming the dose of immunity absolutely repugnant as though their only avowed and sacrosanct preoccupation and superlative predilection in life is a stubborn opposition and unfounded resistance to all progressive, reformist and avant-garde forces.

People in ancient times gave credence to supernatural occurrences without rhyme or reason. Even today, there is no dearth of such people as are gullible enough to unfailingly believe in the efficacy of such miraculous events. It seems there is total absence of self-reliance, self-sufficiency and self-containment on their part which is a glaring testimony to their sluggish and lackadaisical approach to life. Children of today are bereft of the fundamental values; they have got themselves acclimatized to easy ways of achievement. Their moral foundations have been corroded, enfeebled and enervated so much so that it requires strenuous and arduous struggle to resuscitate and revivify them.  

Now, the question arises as to how to cope with the situation. Teachers have to come forward, as they did earlier, to play the role of torchbearers in order to ameliorate the situation. No gains are possible without enduring suffering and privation. Other alternatives to alleviate and extenuate the present torment include partial opening of schools, regular daily physical exercises for 1-2 hours, counseling classes etc. Parents’ role in conjunction with that of the teachers becomes crucial in setting an exemplary precedent for the rest to emulate. If appropriate actions are not taken within the time limit, I am afraid; the situation would become incapable of containment and virtually irremediable after 2025.

Man is a gregarious being and so instinctively inclined to live and achieve everything in a companionable and convivial manner. Consequently, learning outcome in detached surroundings will come to naught. Man’s learning is magnified tremendously when it takes place in a team with perseverance replete with hope. Nature recompenses man’s every activity; whatever changes are palpable are the reflections of nature.  So, to obtain our sublime mission, let all the stakeholders join hands and start working together in a spirit of camaraderie relinquishing the game of calumniating and aspersing each other.

“We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet.” – Stephen Hawking

(Dr. H S Vashistha)


DPS Bulandshahr


Monday, July 12, 2021

Principal's Positivism


Principal’s Positivism

Glad to see you all again!

The global pandemic has wrought havoc, disruption, and discombobulation to education. The pandemic period has witnessed unprecedented crises, catastrophes, cataclysms and, above all, confounding circumstances. It has shattered, pulverized and decimated all organizations including educational institutes, affected each house adversely rendering available resources deficient and inadequate; presented formidable, insurmountable and insuperable problems.

I believe that in the contemporary convoluted, labyrinthine rattrap, the best-case scenario to break the impasse and sustain our identity would be for us to rekindle a glimmer of hope, conviction, confidence and positive perspective on even the dimmest and bleakest aspects of life. A single panacea, elixir or catholicon for the current unfortunate conjuncture of debacles is to have recourse to optimism and sanguinity, and to commit ourselves to the Leibnitz’s doctrine, i.e. ‘God always acts for the best.’

I would like to further opine that we must, to cope with the tinderbox situation, mould our disposition, demeanor and deportment as suited to a child who is possessed of an unadulterated, unalloyed mind, blank as a ‘koraa kaagaz’- amenable, compliant and tractable brimming with unparalleled, consummate hope, positivity, inquisitiveness, scientific research, inquiry and nonpareil dauntlessness and intrepidity in any circumstances. As we start maturing physically, our personalities, too, begin getting engulfed, inundated and overwhelmed with negativity, perversion or depravity. It is an immutable, unassailable, incontestable and incontrovertible fait accompli that whosoever survived the devastation of Covid-19 must be positive-minded, forward-looking and self-possessed people.

It is also remarkable that some of the people seem to be inextricably obsessed with the presumption that the education system has been precariously and perilously hampered, impeded or thwarted by online classes. But, my sentiments diverge considerably from those held by these people, living on the qui vive for making it a bone of contention, that true learning is not confined, restrained or compassed by the bounds of written texts. Rather, it is wisdom derived from nature that is the most potent, influential, genuine, unerring and authentic learning. Nature is our master designer, the most accomplished and proficient teacher that informs, educates and enlightens us about how to maneuver diversity with hope and positivity.

We are completely au fait with the eternal fact that our body, and for that matter, every object in the universe is comprised of five different elements i.e. earth, water, fire, sky and air. If there is any imbalance, inequity, lopsidedness or asymmetry in them, the repercussions manifest themselves in the forms of devastation, extirpation and annihilation of anything that is accountable for causing the disequilibration. But, to my perception, there is a sixth element as well, i.e. positive thought, which, if well amalgamated with them, will bring about harmony, tranquility and equanimity all around and make the world a perfect place to live in.  

I wish you all relaxing, enjoyable, promising and positive prospects ahead!


(Dr. H S Vashistha)


DPS Bulandshahr

Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Principal’s Advisement


Welcome back to DPS Bulandshahr!

I am feeling excruciatingly uncomfortable, agonized and aggrieved by the plethora and profundity of metamorphoses our learners have undergone consequent upon the onslaught, upsurge and scourge of the catastrophic Covid-19. This is about time the educators started contemplating, cogitating on and weighing up the potential, implicit and viable pros and cons of its aftermath upon the learners’ cognitive, physical, psychological and emotional faculties.

My paramount apprehensions and disquietude rest on the dichotomy between the students’ thoughts, actions and behavior as the hydra-headed monster of the pandemic has undeniably driven a wedge between their collaborative powers dissipating and emaciating their unhindered and spontaneous development in various spheres of life including their scholastic and co-scholastic domains.

This is my cherished notion and unflinching belief that students are not passive recipients but active creators of learning, and so student voice matters. With all the learning lost and a recovery curriculum rhetoric in place, the majority of our children have bounced back with vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils needing a lot more care and attention. We must also not denigrate, gainsay or repudiate the fact that the loss is different for different students. Governments, school leaders, and teachers are all concerned about the learning loss students have experienced due to Covid-19 pandemic. After all, schools have been seriously disrupted, as have students and their families.

However, I staunchly and legitimately believe that every crisis is accompanied by deep challenges as well as opportunities for transformation- past educational crises have abundantly revealed that it is possible to build back better. Nevertheless, it entails a certain amount of feyness and clairvoyance on the part of the educators to cope with the exigencies. There are many quandaries and predicaments teachers have to ponder over and surmount. The intricacy of the impasse gets further convoluted as the implications of the quagmire are bifold- immediate as well as far-fetched- the latter being likely to become discernible not forthwith but after a span of, say, 3-4 years. In that likelihood, will the future generation reflect the requisite tenacity to withstand and bear the brunt of the havoc and annihilation let loose by the monstrosity and cataclysm of Covid-19? How will these formidable, redoubtable and seemingly insuperable challenges be pulverized remains a conundrum of the society, community, teachers, parents and other stakeholders.

Hence, in such a precarious and volatile situation, it is my considered opinion that leaders can better mobilize their organizations by setting clear priorities for the response and empowering others to discover and implement solutions that serve those priorities. I would urge the educators to use their professional judgment to work with each and every student and build relationships with each one of them. Another crucial part of the educators’ role, especially in the emotional, tense environment characterizing the present crisis, is promoting psychological safety so people can openly discuss ideas, questions and concerns without fear of repercussions.

Let us dedicate ourselves to the cause of igniting the spark of genius in every child.

Dr H S Vashistha


DPS Bulandshahr

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Principal's Reflections

Principal’s Reflections

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः।

सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद् दुःखभाग्भवेत्।।

“May all be happy; May all be free from infirmities;

May all see good; May none partake of suffering.”


An ecstasy of bliss and effusive rapture is pouring through me while extending and articulating my immense, overwhelming and most sincere gratitude to my students, parents, staff members and all those who lent us a helping hand with the execution of online classes in such an elegant, sublime and splendid manner. Please accept my heartiest congratulations, unreserved compliments and warmest felicitations on having achieved the imponderables constantly keeping your spirits up.

It can’t be gainsaid that the massive catastrophe of COVID-19 is unfathomable and excruciating. But seen in the temper of never wasting a good crisis, COVID-19 represents an opportunity to rethink education in a fairly radical fashion. The rethinking should not be about improving but about improvising schooling and should focus on the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘where’ of learning.

Schools have undergone transformation to some sort of hybrid model. In the midst of adversity and limited training, educators have valiantly risen to the occasion like they always have. With the proper safety measures in place, students have been welcomed back into classrooms. For many, this was desperately needed as the distractions and challenges at home impacted their learning. They wanted and needed their teachers. I would also asseverate that the adults felt the same about them.

Further, social distancing does place an added stress on teachers. The good news is that many effective practices that were used before the pandemic have just as much value, if not more, in the current backdrop. Engaging learners and ensuring they are all actively involved during direct instruction will mitigate off-task behavior while setting the stage for increased motivation.

I hope that this blog gives you a glimpse of life at DPS Bulandshahr, but please do come and see for yourselves- we will be delighted to welcome you.

Stay safe, everyone, and keep the great work. Your efforts are appreciated.



With the best wishes

(Dr H S Vashistha)


DPS Bulandshahr

Tuesday, December 29, 2020


Principal’s Welcome


Dear parents, teachers, learners and all esteemed stakeholders,

I perceive inconceivable gratification in proffering you all a sizzling welcome to DPS Bulandshahr, and I am particularly thrilled to be part of the School at this momentous juncture in its development.

The year 2020 has been a real roller coaster of tumult, turmoil, perturbation and discombobulation. So, to signalize the cessation of this term – I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been that reassuring voice for many of us, staff or student, when we had a wobble. Thank you to everyone who has unselfishly thrown themselves into functions and positions which may not be in their job description but provided much needed steadfastness to colleagues and students. Thank you to ---well, everybody. We outmaneuvered it. We prevailed against it. And we are still here. I am positively triumphant in being among you.  

Yes, there is a possible scenario to explore a prospect to construct a better world but it will entail concerted endeavor, scrupulous cogitation and reminiscence of lessons from the ongoing predicament.  The all-round, inclusive education on offer at DPS Bulandshahr has always been a core component of DPS Bulandshahr’s ethos, and is focused on bringing out the very best in every pupil. I am looking forward to developing this still further over the coming years.

We hold noble ideals and high expectations at DPS Bulandshahr and this exhorts and impassions our pupils to believe in themselves to be inquisitive, to be resilient and to show ambition both in and out of the classroom. Our pupils feel happy and valued, which gives them the confidence, enthusiasm and social awareness for life-long learning needed to succeed in a fast changing world.

Deference to tradition and uninhibitedness to innovation are valued and we encourage our pupils to work with, and learn from each other, whilst also showing valor to stand up for what they believe. I am confident that we can challenge and develop all those who come to us at whatever age, stretching the most able whilst supporting those who need a helping hand.

I contemplate that you will find our blog helpful and that it will give you a sense of the values that our school stands for, as well as offering an insight into the great beauty and scale of our campus and buildings. We do anticipate that you will come and see for yourself what DPS Bulandshahr does each and every day, and find out what it could do for your child too.

I wish you a safe, healthy and prosperous 2021.


(Dr H S Vashistha)


DPS Bulandshahr

Tuesday, December 8, 2020


Cheerful greetings to all our esteemed readers, viewers, stakeholders and well-wishers!

On behalf of the whole fraternity of DPS Bulandshahr, I take vicarious pride, and feel ineffable joy in extending you all a most cordial, fervent and effervescent welcome!

As is evident, DPS Bulandshahr, a premier and paramount educational institution in the whole region and far beyond, notwithstanding the heterogeneity of the bucolic  as well as urban populace comprising it , has, since its inception in 1997, been committed to educating the whole child- academically, physically and emotionally. It has set the foundation for lifelong learning by encouraging curiosity and pursuit of knowledge for individual enrichment and the collective welfare.

We, at DPS Bulandshahr, nurture the belief that each and every child who steps across the threshold of our campus is endowed with fathomless, immensurable and indomitable potential to learn. We endeavor to deliver an education that is unsurpassed in every sense of the word, and that augments the all-embracing and holistic development of the child emphasizing family and community values, and fostering their competence and capability to succeed in a diverse and changing society.

Furthermore, we provide an environment where all children become responsible risk-takers, critical thinkers, problem solvers and active learners. We truly pride ourselves on possessing an unexcelled team of dedicated educators whose only ambition is to see their children reach the zenith of their career.

We maintain that all members of our community are teachers and learners. As members of the DPS Bulandshahr Family, your thoughts, insights and concerns are always welcome. Your ideas and participation are inevitably besought as they are bound to make a salutary difference in their education.

We hope you enjoyed the blog and will continue to visit it often.

With warm regards

Dr H S Vashistha


DPS Bulandshahr

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